Austin going Google

According to the Post Bulletin, Austin Minnesota is the latest community to apply to be the lucky Google group…

Austin Community Development Director Craig Hoium told the Austin City Council the idea came up at a recent meeting at the Hormel Institute. He said several major employers support Austin applying to become one of those test sites. The network would be tested in Austin with no cost to the city, he said. Hoium had already started an application, but went to the council for its blessing. The council gave him just that on a 6-0 vote.

I love to see more communities discussing broadband. We all know the odds of becoming *the* Google community back Vegas seem like a sure thing – but whatever the impetus, the Google initiative is getting people to talk.

What would you do for a Google network?

Apparently Twin Ports/Duluth is willing to commit to renaming all the kids Google or Googlette for the girls. It’s a good story for the weekend. Apparently Topeka, Kansas started the ball rolling by temporarily renaming itself Google. So according to the Christian Science Monitor, Twin Ports thought they “pledged Wednesday to name every first born male Google Fiber and every first born female Googlette Fiber. That’ll show Topeka.”

It’s silly – but anything that encourages an interest in broadband can’t be all bad!

On the Minnesota Google front, it looks like Dakota County is the latest Minnesota community to throw their hat into the Google ring. They have set up a Facebook page and are looking for fans, if you want to show your support for a Minnesota community.