Challenge period for Minnesota Broadband Grants is extended to Nov 21

News from the Office of Broadband Development…

Forty applications for the Border to Border Broadband Development grant program were received and the challenge process was initiated on November 5th. Because of the detail that must be reviewed to determine whether and what to challenge, the OBD has received multiple requests for an extension of the challenge deadline. The OBD will extend the challenge deadline to 4:00 p.m. on Friday, November 21, 2014.  Any challenges must be submitted to the Office of Broadband Development, Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, 1st National Bank Building, 332 Minnesota Street, Suite E200, St. Paul, MN 55101. As a reminder, a list of the applications filed and instructions on how to file a challenge, if necessary, are available at under the “Application Process” tab. This list was updated November 13, 2014. The OBD, as noted on the table, does have pdf maps for many of the projects that were not included in the challenge document. If a potential challenger is interested in reviewing those maps to prepare a challenge, please contact us at or at 651/259-7610 to request those maps.

MN Broadband Task Force Meeting September 2014: Full Notes

There was a huge crowd for the Task Force this week – maybe 30 people attending outside of the Task Force members. At least 20 of those people were from Arvig. But it also included some from the local press.

We heard from Arvig, the local provider. Got a remote presentation from John Deere on precision agriculture and the Task Force talked about their 2014-2015 Annual report and presented recommendations from the sub-groups.

And they got an update from the Office of Broadband Development:

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