Rep Kresha rallies District 09B to go for Broadband Development Funding

I post this update for a few reasons:

  1. The Office of Broadband Development has been clear about hoping to get a good response to the Minnesota Broadband Fund. (Applications should be available in a few weeks.)
  2. I love to see elected official focus on broadband. (Rep Kresha has been instrumental in the broadband fund.)
  3. It’s a chance to spread the word to folks in District 09B

Long Prairie Leader reports…

Rep. Ron Kresha, R-Little Falls, is seeking input from local citizens in an attempt to improve area Internet service and broadband access in Greater Minnesota.

An estimated $20 million in grants will be appropriated by the state to help boost broadband access. Kresha hopes a portion of the funding will be used to improve broadband access to underserved areas in District 09B. Constituent input is needed to determine where the problem-areas are, and which parts are in the greatest need for expanded broadband access during the grant application process. …

Kresha encouraged constituents to contact his legislative office and provide information about possible areas for broadband expansion in District 09B or elsewhere. Addresses and phone numbers are requested. Kresha asked constituents to contact his office at 651-296-4247 or to provide input or for more information.