The FCC Meets on Tuesday – Why Should Communities Care?

Next Tuesday (Dec 18, 2007), the FCC is holding an open meeting to consider the following:

  1. the 12th Competitive Market Conditions with Respect to Commercial Mobile Services, 2) satellite digital audio radio service (SDARS)
  2. new media ownership rules
  3. initiatives designed to increase participation in the broadcasting industry by new entrants and small businesses, including minority- and women-owned businesses
  4. trends in embedded advertising and the efficacy of the current sponsorship identification rules with regard to embedded advertising
  5. the Broadcasting Localism proceeding, and
  6. cable ownership limits.

(Get the official announcement.)

At the Blandin Broadband conference in November, a few community leaders asked me for more info on the FCC and why they should care about the FCC since they are plenty busy without caring about them. So I thought I’d address that a little here. Continue reading