Gov signs Minnesota broadband bill

The message is short, but sweet…

The Minnesota Broadband Bill was signed into law Monday (April 26, 2010) by Governor Pawlenty.

And just for the archive, here is the text that was presented to the Governor according to the Minnesota Session Law site

CHAPTER 277–H.F.No. 2907
An act relating to communications; setting state goals for the deployment and speed of high-speed broadband; proposing coding for new law in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 237.

Section 1. [237.012] BROADBAND GOALS.
Subdivision 1. Universal access and high-speed goal. It is a state goal that as soon as possible, but no later than 2015, all state residents and businesses have access to high-speed broadband that provides  minimum download speeds of ten to 20 megabits per second and minimum upload speeds of five to ten megabits per second. Subd. 2. State broadband leadership position. It is a goal of the state that by
2015 and thereafter, the state be in:
(1) the top five states of the United States for broadband speed universally accessible to residents and businesses;
(2) the top five states for broadband access; and
(3) the top 15 when compared to countries globally for broadband penetration.
Subd. 3. Annual reports. The commissioner of commerce must annually by February 10 report on the achievement of the goals under subdivisions 1 and 2 to the chairs and ranking minority members of the legislative committees with primary jurisdiction over telecommunication issues. The report on goals under subdivision 1 must be made through 2015.

MN Senate broadband bill recommended to pass

Sadly I haven’t been able to find the audio or video archive of the meeting online yet. (Will post when I see it.) But yesterday the Minnesota Senate Committee met and the bill (SF2254) was recommended to pass. Here’s a super summary:

  1. Universal broadband goal – 10-20mbps up / 5-10mbps down and be top 5 in US, and top 15 internationally
  2. Annual reports – reports on progress thus far expects each February
  3. Authority of commernce commissioners – the commissioner may appoint a broadband advisory group

The House has filed a companion bill and will meet this morning to hear both it and the Senate bill. The House version has more detail and instea of saying the commernce comissioner may appoint an advisory committee, the House says comissioner shal appoint and convene.