Strut Your Stuff: Broadband projects in Cannon Falls

Part of becoming a Blandin Broadband Community (BBC), is the opportunity to show off what you’ve been doing related to broadband in your community. It was nice to hear from Amy Dombeck and Laura Qualey about what’s happening.

I was about to say it was fun – but it wasn’t all fun today. We heard a lot about the impact of COVID-19 – especially on school families. Some families are in great shape in part due to the work of the BBC in the community. Some families are not. We heard about families with multiple children working off a single smart phone to do distance education. We heard about one teacher who got to learn all about Google and then how to teach using Google in the two-week prep period before classes went online.

It wasn’t all discouraging, we also got to hear about seniors in community housing who have been so glad to have virtual reality set up for adventures, especially now as family and friends are unable to visit them.

And we got to hear about a lot of resources in the area that are all working to making technology an asset for education, healthcare and economic development.

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