Free webinar ‘Online Tools for Community Economic Development.’ Nov 14 3-4pm

The next in  the Blandin Foudnation series of BCBP webinars is ‘Online Tools for Community Economic Development.’ November 14 from 3-4pm.

Technology. Nice word or nasty? Do I have enough time and resources to implement the technology I should? In this webinar find out about free technology tools including apps. We will explore if your community needs their own app? We will discuss how a community with a very small budget can afford an app. We will share facts about tablet and mobile phone usage and how you can take advantage of marketing on these devices.

Clark Smith is a Partner with Smart Solutions Group. Smart Solutions Group is a full service economic development agency that assists economic development organizations with strategic plans, executive searches, site selection and a cadre of technology tools. Clark has been in the economic development profession for 28 years and has worked at the local, state and utility levels.

Get a sneak preview by checking out the advanced Online Tools handout. Register here:

Added 11/13 – here’s the archive of the webinar…

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