Student-Senior Tech Buddy Night big success in Lake County

magical1Last week in Lake County, high school students worked with seniors to help get them online – with one-on-one tech training and support. It sounds like the night was a big success. I wanted to share notes from one of the program coordinators…

…just wanted to share some of the photos from tonight’s big student and senior technology training night – it was amazing!! We had 20 seniors and 19 students working together tonight at THHS and I could not have asked for a more perfect evening!

For everyone else – I just wanted to let you know that we had an entire night of heartwarming interactions and personalized learning occurring in our media center all night. It was so cool to see everyone engaged, talking, laughing, asking questions and enjoying each other.

magical2Some of the many great anecdotes from the evening:  Two of our students were working with a 95 year old woman who was having trouble getting her e-mail to work. I walked through the lab as the trio was cheering on their successfully sent e-mails. It was so cute! Another girl stayed until just now (almost 8:00) with her senior partner even though the class technically ended at 6:00. They updated her iOS on her MacBook and downloaded some productivity apps, and they didn’t want to stop part way through. We had iPads, computers, smart and not so smart phones, school owned and personal laptops, kindles, and a slew of other technology all going on at the same time. We even served dinner in the “no food allowed” media center and all the equipment survived just fine. We also had a camera crew here who is filming a documentary on the broadband project, so it was a great opportunity to include this workshop as part of their story.

We are going to offer the class again in February. We have more seniors who want to attend and our students were excited about doing this again as well. It was everything I hoped for and more. Since pictures sometimes do more justice than words, I attached a few for you to see. I hope you can get a sense of how awesome the evening was from them.


1 thought on “Student-Senior Tech Buddy Night big success in Lake County

  1. Thank you for sharing! I would also be happy to help any other community looking to do a similar project if anyone is interested. We learned a lot from round one and got a lot of good feedback. 🙂 Kris

    Kristen Lee Media and Technology Coordinator, ISD#381 1640 Hwy 2, Two Harbors, MN 55616 218-834-8201 X8299

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