Carver County MN encourages residents to report inaccuracies on FCC broadband map

Carver County is asking local residents to check their addresses on FCC map…

Carver County residents lacking access to high-speed internet service need to check the accuracy of Federal Communications Commission maps to ensure future Federal funding of broadband projects to the County.

The Federal government has pledged between $40-60 billion in funding nationwide, basing its award formula on current maps. Those maps, County officials discovered, often aren’t accurate in terms of County locations without high-speed service or mistaken about the actual service and speeds available to customers.

County residents and business should visit the FCC website, where they can check the FCC’s information regarding high-speed internet availability and listed providers. If the information proves inaccurate, users should use the accompanying form to report the inaccurate information to the FCC. Providing accurate information bolsters the County’s chances at receiving more Federal dollars to support current broadband projects through more accurate maps.

“Making sure the FCC’s maps contain accurate information for Carver County helps ensure we receive our fair share of Federal funding in support of all County locations having high-speed internet access,” said Gayle Degler, Carver County Board of Commissioner’s chair and District 1 representative.

“We know the importance of high-speed internet access for all our residences and businesses for work-from-home opportunities, educational needs, and small business support,” said Commissioner John P. Fahey, who represents District 5, covering the majority of the western portion of the County, which are primarily rural. “Having this access in our smaller communities and Townships gives people greater choices in where to live, where to locate small businesses, and encourages growth across the County.”

These submissions are due by Jan. 13, 2023. The Federal program’s allocations are scheduled to begin disbursement in 2023 and beyond. The County likely would use any funding in similar fashion as its Connect Up Carver Initiative by partnering with private service providers to bring the actual access to residents and businesses, leveraging the County’s CarverLink network.

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