FCC announces 22 RODF winners in Minnesota – LTD Broadband is big winner

The FCC reports

The Federal Communications Commission announced today that millions of rural Americans in 49 states and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands will gain access to high-speed Internet service through the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund Phase I auction. Auction results released today show that bidders won funding to deploy high-speed broadband to over 5.2 million unserved homes and businesses, almost 99% of the locations available in the auction. Moreover, 99.7% of these locations will be receiving broadband with speeds of at least 100/20 Mbps, with an overwhelming majority (over 85%) getting gigabit-speed broadband. CCO Holdings, LLC (Charter Communications) was assigned the most locations, just over 1.05 million. A total of 180 bidders won auction support, to be distributed over the next 10 years.

A broad range of providers successfully competed in the Phase I auction, including cable operators, electric cooperatives, incumbent telephone companies, satellite companies, and fixed wireless providers. And the FCC’s structuring of the reverse auction yielded significant savings, as competitive bidding among over 300 providers yielded an allocation of $9.2 billion in support out of the $16 billion set aside for Phase I of the auction. Importantly, the $6.8 billion in potential Phase I support that was not allocated will be rolled over into the future Phase II auction, which now can draw upon a budget of up to $11.2 billion in targeting partially-served areas (and the few unserved areas that did not receive funding through Phase I).


Here are the Minnesota totals:

  • Total dollar amount: $408,150,745.60
  • Winning bidders: 22
  • Locations assigned: 142,841

Here are the winners in MN

AMG Technology Investment Group Minnesota LLC
Amount: $ 3,736,316.00
Locations: 1,408

Arrowhead Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Amount: $ 18,462,273.10
Locations: 4,879

CenturyLink, Inc.
Amount: $ 15,646,093.10
Locations: 3,265

Consolidated Communications, Inc.
Amount: $ 11,126.00
Locations: 12

Consortium of AEG and Heron
Amount: $ 6,709,428.00
Locations: 1,150

Farmers Mutual Telephone Company
Amount: $ 759,822.00
Locations: 332

Federated Telephone Cooperative
Amount: $ 537,399.00
Locations: 248

Fond du Lac Communications Inc
Amount: $ 1,046,123.00
Locations: 728

Gardonville Cooperative Telephone
Amount: $ 63,903.00
Locations: 24

Great Plains Consortium
Amount: $ 81,700.60
Locations: 402

Halstad Telephone Company
Amount: $ 3,118,056.40
Locations: 603

LTD Broadband LLC
Amount: $ 311,877,936.40
Locations: 102,005

Midcontinent Communications
Amount: $ 4,453,803.70
Locations: 6,058

Minnesota Connections c/o Consolidated Tel Company
Amount: $ 2,040,278.70
Locations: 979

Paul Bunyan Rural Telephone Coop
Amount: $ 16,307,892.10
Locations: 5,088

Roseau Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Amount: $ 1,228,494.00
Locations: 266

Savage Communications
Amount: $ 6,090,479.10
Locations: 4,541

Space Exploration Technologies Corp.
Amount: $ 8,424,807.60
Locations: 7,529

Wikstrom Telephone Company
Amount: $ 983,637.00
Locations: 228

Windstream Services LLC,
Amount: $ 6,548,964.10
Locations: 2,899

Winnebago Cooperative Telecom
Amount: $ 20,541.70
Locations: 178

Wisper-CABO 904 Consortium
Amount: $ 1,671.00
Locations: 19


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