Meeker County is focused on manufacturing – and that means better broadband

According to the Litchfield Independent Review

In an effort to support manufacturing businesses, the Litchfield Area Chamber of Commerce and Meeker County Economic Development Authority have teamed up to bring forth a new manufacturing group logo and concept through Meeker County Made.

Part of that effort is better broadband…

“Another initiative that Meeker County is involved in is working on a stronger broadband presence,” Krueger said.

Jack Maytum, senior business analyst for Design Nine Consulting, was among those present at the luncheon. Design Nine is the consulting agency hired to study Meeker County’s broadband internet presence and determine what’s necessary to keep up with technological advances.

“In 10 or 15 years, we’re going to be at the point where dial-up internet used to be,” Krueger said. “This analysis is all about what your businesses need for the future.”

Taking steps forward to provide the best outcomes for manufacturing businesses across Meeker County, Meeker County Made, the speakers said, hopes to bring national recognition to an industry that has provided a careers to a great number of the population as well as economic growth.

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