Digital Divide Index scores for all MN Counties – a MN Broadband Conference highlight

Last week’s Minnesota Broadband conference was so content rich, I thought I might post some of the highlights this week at a more leisurely pace.

A top highlight was Roberto Gallardo’s presentation – The Digital Age: So What? (You can see Roberto’s slides and video presentation.)

Roberto walked us through the impact and growing speed of technological changes to set the stage for looking at counties in Minnesota to see whether we are prepared for the digital age. Specifically he looks at

  • Infrastructure and Adoption (Do people have access to broadband and do they use it?)
  • Socioeconomic factors (age, poverty, education,
  • Combines those to get a DDI number

The higher the number the bigger the digital divide. You can learn a lot from the numbers in terms of planning a strategy to combat digital  – if you’re Infrastructure number is high – you need better infrastructure. If you’re Socioeconomic number is high, you may need more digital inclusion programs.

Minnesota scoring is:

  • DDI – 21.51
  • Socioeconomic – 41.37
  • Infrastructure – 21.02

Roberto shared county profiles for all Minnesota counties.

Roberto also took a look at how counties have fared based on their DDI number (or their quartile). He found that counties in the highest quartile (remember higher is bad)

  • Saw the greatest population decline from 2010-2015
  • Saw the greatest decline in establishments
  • Saw the greatest decline in jobs

Check it out and see how your county compares to the rest of Minnesota.

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