Strut Your Stuff Broadband Tour Chisholm MN: Back of the bus view of rural broadband

Today I got to bus ride around Chisholm. The video is horrible – because I was on a school bus! But when you can hear the stories – it’s absolutely worth it to listen to what life without broadband is like for local citizens and how they are working to make the broadband situation better for everyone.

And my notes…


  • In parks
  • In public housing
  • In public builds
  • On the school buses
  • People who sign into wifi will automatically see community portal

Community Portal

  • Working with school, chamber and city
  • Each entity will also work on their own sites

Community Education

  • Working with local businesses – almost as a mentor

Working on PCs for People

  • It might be a hook to encourage students to stay in district

They will be working on a feasibility study

  • Neo Connect – Diana Cruse
  • They will do the feasibility and be prepared to turn it into a MN state grant application.
  • The cost is $93,000
  • There are 13 communities involved in the feasibility study all in the Iron Range.
  • Kick off meeting is tomorrow.

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