Medical School in Gaylord expected in 2018

Last April, I wrote about the medical school interested in opening in Gaylord Minnesota. Part of the reason Gaylord was considered was the local investment in infrastructure (through RS Fiber). Here’s a quick update on the project from the Gaylord Hub

“We can safely say we’re going to have a school. I believe now we have the rotations and expecting written confirmation in three weeks.”

That was the statement made by Dr Jay Sexter, CEO of the Minnesota College of Osteopathic Medicine, at a meeting with Gaylord city officials last week. …

Plans are moving forward to develop a medical school in Gaylord, with the school opening in 2018.

The school will be an economic boon to the area – but it’s also a good way to encourage more rural healthcare workers. The article indicates that doctors who study in rural areas are more likely to serve rural areas after graduation and…

The purpose of the medical school is to train primary care physicians for the rural workforce. Nearly 75 percent of the counties in Minnesota are rural, where there is higher incidence of diseases and an aging population. The plan is to collaborate with “anyone and everyone involved in healthcare.”

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