Ely hoping to get fixed wireless through AT&T

According to the Ely Echo, AT&T is looking to bring fast wireless to the Ely area…

New technology will allow the combined company to provide high speed internet access where it doesn’t exist in the Ely area.
“This technology will be able to dedicate fixed wireless broadband to local residents,” said Weirtz
Fixed wireless broadband involves a unit the size of a shoebox mounted on the outside of a home. Wireless connections are made through AT&T from the WIFI network in the home.
“This will be at speeds above or beyond 15 to 25 megabit download. We’ll have packages where you can watch Netflix or Hulu without the data caps like you do with wireless,” said Weirtz.
Pricing would be similar to what is currently on the market now where wired broadband is available.
“This will be priced as if you had broadband wired to the home. You call us up and we’ll bring out something like an oversized shoe box mounted on the outside of your home,” said Weirtz.

But they are counting on approval of a merger between AT&T and DirectTV to make that happen…

The Ely area would benefit if the FCC approves a merger between A&T and DirectTV.
AT&T Minnesota president Paul Weirtz recently spoke with the Ely Echo about the proposal.
“Our space in Minnesota is primarily wireless space,” said Weirtz. “Since 2010 AT&T has spent more than $525 million building our 4GLTE network statewide.”
Weirtz said that project has been in just about every corner of the state, including the new cell tower on the Fernberg Road.
It took a court battle with the Friends of the Boundary Waters to win approval to erect the tower and extend wireless service here.
The company is focused on delivering the latest technology to Minnesota.
“There’s an ongoing capital investment and we’re very proud of that,” said Weirtz.
AT&T currently offers video/TV service in 22 states but is now looking to expand into satellite television.
“With the combined power of the company with DirectTV, we will be able to offer consumers satellite with DirectTV, wireless with AT&T and even more importantly we are going to be providing rural broadband service within four years of the close of the deal,” said Weirtz.

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