BBC Update: Lake of the Woods includes training, Wi-Fi and PCs for People

KarlSamp2I have a few updates to share on the Blandin Broadband Communities this week. Today we look at Lake of the Woods County. Karl Samp has been the community broadband coach in Lake of the Woods. I appreciate his notes for the update!

Lake of the Woods BBC steering committee met on August 29th.

Progress is being made on Round One funded projects, including internet marketing training set to begin in late September, with sessions going through November.  Equipment is being priced for several Wi-Fi locations throughout the County with increased public access being the primary goal. The hospital will be receiving two iPads for patient/family use.

Round Two projects being considered include expanding public access computers, community Wi-Fi Hot Spots, and a teleconferencing/telecommuting center.  PCs for People delivery and distribution is being planned for Oct. There is interest in upgrading some of their computers to laptops, especially for use within the youth center.

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