BBC Update: Kanabec County looks at telehealth, community portal, training

KarlSamp2I have a few updates to share on the Blandin Broadband Communities this week. Starting with Kanabec County. Karl Samp has been the community broadband coach in Kanabec. I appreciate his notes for the update!

Kanabec County continues to move forward with their efforts to expand broadband throughout the county, and move forward with projects that will better utilize what they already have.

The steering committee met recently to discuss all the BBC projects. The teleconferencing equipment for the Life Enrichment Center has arrived and is being installed. A “first version” of the new community portal was shown, and partners are being sought to provide content and create an inclusive community calendar. Community Internet training will be held after the site is up so the classes can be promoted there. The hospital/St. Scholastica project in which grad students in PT, will provide pre and post op education to patients is being developed. The project is also an opportunity to expose high school students to health care careers.

Looking to the future, the Steering Committee discussed a teleconferencing center, community Wi-Fi and a push for getting more businesses Google Places sites claimed to maximize the impact of the new community portal. Telehealth opportunities are also being explored.

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