MIRC Broadband Success: Seniors gettting online in Willmar

On our tour of the MIRC projects in September, we visited with Jean Spaulding at the Kandiyohi EDA. She lined up a few speakers and visitors for us. It was fun to hear about different tools being used to keep the seniors online.

First at the New London Spicer school, they are working to get iPads in the hands of high school students (seniors and others) and their families. They will lend out the iPads thinking that once folks get a taste of how easy they are to use that families might be able to make getting a tablet or other computer a priority.

Next we heard from Willmar Community Senior Network about they have been using a web-based system called Homestream to keep seniors in their home longer. The system helps connect seniors to loved ones and healthcare providers. We heard a great story of one foster grandma who will continue to interact with her foster grandkid through the system on days when rain, snow and ice might keep her from the school.

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