More on the Minnesota Broadband Stimulus Applications

The list/database of NTIA applications for broadband stimulus funding came out late last week. Minnesotans submitted 28 applications in the hopper. Chris Mitchell at the Institute for Local Self Reliance took a look at the applications in terms of who best deserves the money to bring last mile connectivity to rural Minnesota. Chris, who would lean heavily towards community-based networks, put Lake County, Cook County, and City of Windom. He also favorably mentions the applying cooperatives and Jaguar Communication, which uses an open network. Chris has done a good job analyzing and distilling the infrastructure applications in Minnesota – so I thought I’d look at the broader picture.

There are 31 applications that are either submitted from Minnesota or plan to cover at least a part of Minnesota. (Applications received from outside Minnesota are listed below – where it says click for more info.)

How much?
Total grant funds requested: $306,655,771
Total loans requested: $107,641,221
Total when combined: $414,269,992

Who is submitting?
Applications from businesses: 18
Applications from government entities (counties, cities, schools): 5
Applications from cooperatives: 2
Applications from nonprofits: 2
Applications from private/public partnerships: 2
Applications from tribal entities: 2

What type of technology will they use?
Fiber: 13
Wireless: 6
DSL: 3
Not specified (in the summary provided): 3
Adoption focused: 5

Where are they?
Twin Cities: 4
Not specified: 1
ND: 2
WI (and partial MN): 1
The rest are in rural Minnesota. I was going to look for counties represented but too many summaries were too broad. When or if I can get more details I look into it.

Anyone going for more than one?
Donny Smith: 4
Hastad Telephone: 4
TDS: 2
John Schultz: 3
City of Minneapolis: 2

*There were a couple of applications that mention Minnesota but were not submitted from a Minnesota address:

Applicant TTM Operating Corporation, Inc.
  Seattle, WA
Contact Mark Hamilton
Project title The Southern Minnesota Broadband Initiative
Program BIP/BTOP
Project type Middle Mile
Grant request* $ 16,535,655
Status Application Received
Description TTM is submitting an application to seek a grant from NTIA to help fund the construction of a middle mile network covering approximately 7,000 square miles in Minnesota. This high speed, high capacity network will utilize fiber and microwave to provide necessary transport services to mobile wireless service providers, fixed and mobile last mile providers and community anchor institutions.
*For BIP/BTOP joint applications, grant amount reflects grant request for BIP.


Applicant St Croix Services, Inc
  Hammond, WI
Contact Murray Lestrud
Project title St. Croix Services – WiMAX Deployment Project
Program BIP
Project type Last Mile Non-Remote Area
Grant request $ 1,192,013
Status Application Received
Description St. Croix Services seeks stimulus funding to bring next-generation, wireless broadband services to unserved and underserved homes and businesses in St. Croix and surrounding counties in Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota. Using WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) technology, we will deliver affordable, reliable broadband service with 2 Mbps speeds within 12 months of funding.


Applicant KeyOn Communications, Inc.
  Las Vegas, NV
Contact Jason Lazar
Project title KeyOn WiMAX Minnesota
Program BIP
Project type Last Mile Non-Remote Area
Grant request $ 5,854,530
Loan request $ 5,879,454
Status Application Received
Description KeyOn will deliver 4G, last-mile wireless broadband and digital phone service to over 240,000 people in 85 of the most rural communities in Minnesota. Using the 3.65GHz band and the standards-based WiMAX protocol, our network will offer Internet and digital phone service to homes and businesses at speeds of up to 8Mbps download/1.5Mbps upload.

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