Entenza mentions broadband on campaign trail

Matt Entenza announced his campaign for Governor last week. Since then he’s been on the road ever since. In Bemidji he mentioned broadband as an important tool in the schools but also elaborated on its importance to small businesses. I’m just going to quote what he said as posted in the Bemdji Pioneer:

Entenza said that 30 percent of Minnesota is still unserved by high-speed Internet, which is becoming an increasingly important tool for small-town businesses. “That means areas that can’t grow economically.”

Expanding broadband technology throughout Minnesota hasn’t been a high priority for the Pawlenty administration, the Democrat said.

“The Internet is the new Main Street,” Entenza said. “Unless you have Internet, your businesses aren’t going to survive. People want to live in rural areas but also want to get their goods and services to the market. Then you need the Internet.”

A small grant and loan program to bring Internet technology to small businesses isn’t an easy investment from the state, he said. “Corporations seeking a $25 million loan have an easier time than a small business seeking a $25,000 loan.”

I love that rural broadband is getting mention early – I hope it gets mentioned often too!

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