2008 Blandin Broadband Conference: Breakout Session Two

We had 3 options for the first breakout session. I have included links to presentations when I had them:

Feasibility Applications
Melissa Reeder, IT Director, City of Northfield
Myron White, Executive Director, Red Wing Port Authority

Government Applications
Merton Auger, City Administrator, City of Buffalo,
Gary Shelton, County Administrator, Scott County

Education Applications
Joe Shultheis, E-Learning Services Coordinator, Century College
Warren Schaeffer, St. Paul College

Video demonstration of Second Life.

I went to this session. This is the second tour I have had of Second Life. I am going to look more into it. What I found interesting was the statistics on how many people participate in virtual worlds. My kids are big Club Penguin fans; and I think that’s where they are starting to catch people. I think they started using CP in first grade. Second Life looks like the most grown up version of the online worlds. The biggest demographic there apparently is single women over 35.

The presenters talked about virtual worlds in higher education. I asked if teachers were trained to teach in a virtual world. They answer was an emphatic no – why would they be? My husband’s a teacher at a community college. He has no idea what Second Life is – so I found that answer surprising. I suspect that either certain teachers gravitate to the option of suing virtual tools and/or most spend a lot of their free time learning it.

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