Update in Minnesota enrollment in ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program)

USC Anneberg has taken a closer look at the results of the first year of access to ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program)…

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is the most ambitious federal initiative put into place to bridge the broadband connectivity gap for low-income Americans. The ACP launched in January 2022, serving almost 10 million households that were transitioned from the Emergency Broadband Benefit program (EBB). By the end of 2022 it had enrolled another 5.4 million households for a total of about 15.4 million subscribers in December 2022. Using data from the ACS 2021 1-year estimates, our estimation is that about 55.3 million households are eligible for ACP[1].

According to the USAC website, Minnesota has 179,362 households signed up for ACP. Last time I checked (Nov 2022) only 87,113 households had signed up.)

Here is how we compare to the rest of the country (lighter the color the lighter the subscription rates to ACP)…

And here is what it looks like in Minnesota, (again lighter the color the lighter the subscription rates to ACP)….

Does it look like your county is leaving help in the table? SF (San Francisco) Tech Council has some tools to help.

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