How can you help your community or subscribers sign up for Affordable Connectivity (ACP) funds?

This example isn’t from Minnesota but it seems like something folks could replicate here. The SF Tech Council produced this 90 second video on how they got people signed up for ACP funds in their area.

I know folks around the state have been helping. I just thought the video was too good not to share. Thanks to the Institute for Local Self Reliance’s ACP dashboard, we can see that while we’re working on it, there’s progress to be made in Minnesota…

  • Number of Eligible Households Claimed: 87,113
  • Percentage of Eligible Households Claimed: 17.33%
  • Number of Eligible Households Enrolled: 157,322
  • Percentage of Eligible Households Enrolled: 31.3%
  • Total Spending in State: $4,837,651.50

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