Le Sueur County Strut Your Stuff: great innovation – luckily because they have access challenges

Today we met up with the Le Sueur County BBC team. It was a reminder of how lucky some counties are that they have broadband because they have providers who are/were interested in deploying it. The Le Sueur team is engaged and innovative. They have had some great projects happening in the area but also, they need to work on getting better broadband. They have done surveys and mapping and even got some strong applications in for Broder to Border state funding but that was thwarted when LTD Broadband was awarded federal funding that disqualifies the county state proposals.

Even with all of that – the meeting was inspirational. The team is excitement about getting a Fellow from the Lead for America/ American Connection Corps over the next two years to help them with existing and future projects. You can learn more in the recording of the session and the PowerPoint below.

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