Blandin Broadband Lunch Bunch Digital Ready Communities Notes and Video

Thanks so much to everyone who came to the Lunch Bunch today and especially to Annie Cruz-Porter, Calla Jarvie and Emily Del Real for coming to talk about the Digital Ready Communities program. One fun offshoot of the Fall Broadband conference was that three Minnesota communities were able to work as pilots with the program at Purdue University. Today we got to loop back with the program and partners.

This is a fascinating program that helps communities focus on how folks in a community are connecting with each other and the outside world, especially online. It includes a assessment, a survey and creating a team to be more purposeful about building local, trusted channels for communication as well as creating a message that promotes the community to the outside world.

Register for future Lunches: Upcoming May 12 and May 26

And here’s the chat

Here’s the chat log:

12:19:08 From  Ann Treacy  to  Everyone : Learn more about Digital Ready Communities:

12:42:51 From  Ann Treacy  to  Everyone : possible group for legal info

12:50:16 From  burke murphy  to  Everyone : Thank you for this very interesting presentation.  I must get onto another meeting.. Burke

12:52:25 From  Ry Marcattilio-McCracken  to  Everyone : Same- thank you all! Very fascinating, looking forward to seeing the long-term results!

12:58:39 From  Emily Del Real  to  Everyone : I need to move to my next meeting. Great to work with Minnesota!

12:59:33 From  Ann Treacy  to  Everyone : Register for future Lunches: Upcoming May 12 and May 26

12:59:41 From  Ben Wallace @ Minify Energy  to  Everyone : A few MN interactive resources: | | |

12:59:45 From  Annie Cruz-Porter  to  Everyone :

13:00:17 From  Ann Treacy  to  Everyone :

13:01:23 From  Carah Koch  to  Everyone : FYI- Land O Lakes will be presenting about their broadband work at the June 9 DBB (Dakota Broadband Board) Board meeting

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