RDOF Bidders Mapped from CNS – any bidders if your area?

Cooperative Network Services (CNS) shares (via email) an interative map for RDOF bidder and eligible areas…

505 potential bidders filed the FCC’s short form application to bid.
We mapped most of them to help you identify who your potential auction competitors might be, based on the blocks they report on the FCC form 477.
While the map is not comprehensive, it does illustrate that there could be a lot of competition in the auction.
If you have any questions, please reply.
If you’re still looking for precise RDOF location counts, or need a hand with the technical review of an “incomplete” short form, please reach out.

Here are two screenshots that I hope will be helpful . On the left is RDOF short form applicant bidders and on the right they’ve overlayed the final RDOF eligible blocks.

You can learn more about the map by clicking on the info buttonon the top right. Here’s the small print from the website about the map. It’s a reminder that it’s not comprehensive but helpdul nonetheless. They also include a key to the specific providers shown in the map…

For more information, raw data, or RDOF location count assistance, please contact Paul Solsrud paul.solsrud@cooperative-networks.com

For fully interactive data, CNS provides the CNS Broadband Operations map which includes 477 data for the Midwest as well as many other layers including ACAM, CAF, RDOF, Study Areas, etc. More information can be found here: https://www.cooperative-networks.com/broadband-operations-map-app/

This map represents the reported serving areas (derived from the most recently released FCC 477 data) of most of the assumed smaller RDOF Short Form Applicants and potential bidders in the upcoming Rural Digital Opportunity Fund auction. The goal of this map is to help potential bidders understand which entities are likely to bid on RDOF Eligible Census Block Groups.

This map is made from a dissolved data set meaning that all reported serving areas have been dissolved and flattened into one layer on the map. In some cases, there may be multiple providers who serve an area. This map does not individual feature data for provider areas, and has also been tiled to improve performance, and thus clicking a map location does not identify the reported carrier.

Due to a variety of factors, this is not a comprehensive list of bidders. Price Cap carriers like Frontier, Centurylink, Consolidated, Verizon, Windstream,  are not included since they cover and surround the RDOF eligible areas. Of the 505 short form applicants, 166 were not readily matched to their reported 477 data. 27 of these were matched using additional sources. This leaves approximately 139 short form applicants as either being Price Cap, a part of a bidding consortium, a new market entrant, existing carriers using a new FRN, and or new or different holding company name, Satellite provider, large Cellular, etc.

Since it’s not possible to know which carriers may be included in a consortium, the areas identified in this map are not complete or comprehensive.

Some providers who do not appear on the map are providers who only recently have begun offering services and the 477 data does not reflect their recent build outs. Other providers like Charter use “CCO Holdings’” FRN for their short form application. Other providers used a variety of methods that appear to obfuscate who may be behind the bidding entity.

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