Blandin Broadband Leadership Roundtable on Partnership for a Connected MN

Bernadine Joselyn led a presentation and discussion about the new public-private Partnership for a Connected MN initiative and how the effort hopes to benefit Minnesota students during the upcoming school year.

Here’s the chat log

Chat Log:

  • 00:20:04          Elissa Hansen: Morning all! So important, thank you Blandin for stepping up!
  • 00:23:23          Brooke Carlson: Hi everyone – I am leading a digital equity initiative in Rochester specifically aimed at immigrant and refugee families with at least one child under 5. We are partnering with several organizations including our local library, our school district adult and family education, the County and many nonprofits who support underresourced communities in Rochester. Thank you for creating this additional opportunity that could support families that also have children in K-12.
  • 00:24:30          Bernadine Joselyn (she/her/hers):  BIPOC = Biracial, Indigenous People of Color
  • 00:25:48          Al Lun: Hi, I am a collaborator with Brook with deep IT background. On the board of Diversity Council in Rochester and also driving a diverse resources coalition called CMRC.
  • 00:26:55          Elissa Hansen: Do we have private companies stepping up in NE MN?
  • 00:27:37          Elissa Hansen: Let us know how we connect them to you!
  • 00:32:08          Al Lun: Are you familiar with Coast to Coast? and the Knight Foundation? and
  • 00:34:46          Kirk Crow Shoe: Good morning, Kirk Crow Shoe. I am here from the Dept. of Employment & Economic Development. I am here so that I may better communicate with tribes when it pertains to broadband opportunities.
  • 00:35:49          Erik Holmstrom: Is there a written RFP we can access after this webinar?
  • 00:36:18          Pete Royer: go to, RFP is there
  • 00:36:22          Mary Mehsikomer: Here is the link to the website with the RFP:
  • 00:36:23          Elissa Hansen: RFP:
  • 00:37:44          Bernadine Joselyn (she/her/hers): welcome Kirk! Thanks for joining!  Blandin Foundation will be communicating directly with eac of the tribal governments
  • 00:44:28          Mary Magnuson (she/her): Bernadine Joselyn;
  • 00:45:04          Tiffany Kong: Tiffany Kong;
  • 00:49:35          Mary Mehsikomer: Thank you!
  • 00:49:35          Elissa Hansen: Thank you!
  • 00:49:41          Rick Schara: Thank you!

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