I want to talk to your county or tribal community about broadband and its impact on your COVID response – interested?

As part of the Minnesota Broadband Profiles this year, I would love to talk to counties about their COVID experience based on broadband situation. I have one question only:

Is broadband helping or hurting your community’s ability to function during the pandemic? Generally, do you feel like broadband has been a help or a hindrance?

I would set up and record a Zoom call to include with the 2020 County Broadband Profiles. (You can check out the 2019 Profiles if you are unfamiliar.)  There are 87 counties and 11 tribal communities in Minnesota. My goal is not to talk to all of them. (Although I could.) My goal is to talk to the folks who will make it easy for me. So if you’re the economic developer, county commissioner or anyone with enough passion to get a few folks together for a call – I’m happy to talk to you and schedule something. (atreacy@treacyinfo.com)

Two requests:

  • Looking for multiple people to participate per county
  • Hoping for one local lead (so one point of contact for me)

My deadlines aren’t set in stone but I’m aiming to connect with people by July 31 and would love to schedule videos by Aug 17. I focus on county and tribal community because that is how the MN broadband maps come out.

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