Broadband Roundtable on telehealth response to the Covid-19 Archive

Today’s Blandin Broadband Leadership Roundtable was extremely interesting with very active attendee participation.  This is just what we were hoping for when we decided to host these topical conversations.  We really benefitted from active health care provider participation from Bois Forte Band, Tri-County Health and GPTrac.  We learned that many road blocks – regulatory, payment and human behavior barriers disappeared with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was fun to watch a couple short videos – one from the US Surgeon General and one from  The first video gave a nice overview of the emergence of tele-medicine during the pandemic; the second video showed how big data and high-tech tools are being used to track the virus and develop responses to it.  You can find the links to the roundtable discussion and support materials at under the webinar banner.

Next week, July 1, we will focus on small-scale economic development strategies perfect for any size community or neighborhood.  Join us at 9 am.  Register online.

Here’s the chat from the session:

Chat Log:

00:42:14       Mary DeVany: The free version is not HIPAA compliant.

General email:

My email:  medevany@umn,edu

Two resources/website of interest:

00:47:17       BlaSom Cindy Kong: thank you Mary for your e-mail

00:47:45       Jeff Borling: interested to hear about Mental Health specifically.

Inspired by the virtual mental health care being provided by entities like Lakeview Hospital in Two Harbors. Initially planned to serve rural Lake County, soon found demand from patients across the region/state.

00:51:55       BlaSom Cindy Kong: yep! I would like to speak regards my own personal issues that I currently had prior Pandemic about telehealth. for me personally my mental health literally attacks my physical health. I feel that it was hard-extremely hard for me.

yes! agreed regards that help upon devices

00:58:59       BERNADINE JOSELYN: the June 1 issue of New Yorker as a really interesting article by Adam Gopnik called “The Empty Couch” about implications on patient and provider experience of distance mental health.

01:06:45       Ann Treacy: I think this is the Klobuchar letter they are mentioning

01:10:03       Mary DeVany: some of the conversations that are on-going legislatively at the federal level are around allowing the home as a patient site and also allowing patients to be seen who are in an urban location.  The state issues of significant interest is around licensure of the providers since they need to be licensed in the state where the patient is at the time of the visit.,

01:10:22       Ida Rukavina: Sorry- my internet dropped out again. The letter I was referring to was that Senators Klobuchar and Smith both joined with a bipartisan group of Senators calling for the expansion of access to telehealth services for Medicare beneficiaries made during the coronavirus pandemic to be permanent.

01:12:11       BlaSom Cindy Kong: I do worry regards the Stigma upon Society in the Future regards becoming reliant to telehealth due to trauma

01:12:25       Ann Treacy: report on Community ROI of Broadband

01:14:33       BERNADINE JOSELYN: thanks everyone for joining us today!

01:15:17       Chuck Ackman: Here’s the link to the letter that I just mentioned;

01:16:03       BlaSom Cindy Kong: honor&pleasure to be here

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