Five public safety broadband projects led by East Range Iron Range Blandin Broadband Communities program

Hometown Focus (in Virginia MN) write about public safety projects deployed by the local Iron Range Blandin Broadband Communities program (BBC)…

The East Range Joint Powers Board recently implemented five new broadband projects that improved public safety and essential emergency services as part of the Iron Range Blandin Broadband Communities program (BBC). The Joint Powers Board encompasses the communities of Aurora, Biwabik, Hoyt Lakes and Town of White.

Police squad car laptops: East Range law enforcement received upgraded laptops in each squad car. With all squad cars operating on the same system, the police increased their efficiency, communication and response time serving the East Range communities.

Ambulance laptops: Hoyt Lakes Ambulance Service updated its technology to keep communication connections with St. Louis County’s new Computer Automated Dispatch (CAD) system. This ensures timely and efficient response times by Hoyt Lakes EMS, and it provides them with information about patients, call locations and safety of the scene.

EMS training laptop: Hoyt Lakes Fire & Ambulance Service received a laptop to conduct training for their staff and first responders. Trainings include: Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Advanced Medical Life Support, Prehospital Trauma Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support.

Public safety building SMART board: Hoyt Lakes Fire & EMS departments received an interactive whiteboard to use for mandatory emergency response and public safety training.

Fire department iPads and hotspots: Palo Volunteer Fire Department received new iPads and hotspots to assist with locating homes when responding to residential fires.

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