Communicating to Achieve Your Community Broadband Vision: Blandin Broadband Leadership webinar archive

Thanks to the presenters and attendees for joining the latest Blandin Broadband Leadership Webinar: Communicating to Achieve Your Community Broadband Vision. Here we have the description, video archive, slides and chat transcript (get handouts)…

Community broadband advocates sometimes think that everyone shares their passion.  As a result, they may find their plans stymied due to lack of visible community support and/or reluctance by local officials to financially support a broadband project.  Join community broadband champions from across the state on Thursday, April 30 at 9 am CDT to learn about the strategic and timely use of communications strategies and tools from a communications specialist and from three community broadband leaders.

Alie McInerney of Blandin Foundation will illustrate how smart upfront thinking can prepare you to communicate most effectively throughout the broadband development process.  A consistent, but dynamic, message is required, but putting your communications emphasis on the right audience at the right time is essential.

Alie will host a panel discussion with Briana Mumme of Redwood County, Brenda Nyberg of Carlton County and Katie Malchow of the Chisago Lakes Chamber of Commerce.  All three are engaged in ongoing efforts to improve broadband in their area.  They will discuss critical issues of audience, message and outreach tools, such as newspapers, social media and key informants.  Our panelists will have done their homework to begin to create their messaging strategies using the available online worksheets that can be found below.

Chat log:

  • Mary Magnuson:      Today’s webinar handout:
  • Mary Magnuson:      “Setting the Vision” Webinar Archive:
  • [Scenario: how to reach a county commissioner who opposes county involvement in broadband infrastructure.]
  • Katie Malchow:         Speak directly to the businesses to make sure that everyone has a clear idea of what those businesses actually want
  • Bill Coleman:             Have coffee with Jones and his constituency
  • Brenda Nyberg:         Jacobs could express her constituents’ needs and try to pressure Jones to support broadband initiatives.
  • Katie Malchow:         ALWAYS have coffee!!!
  • Briana Mumme:        Commissioner Jones and Jacobs should connect to seek understanding of perspectives.
  • Noel Stensrud:           Bring data
  • Bernadine Joselyn:   recruit the EDA director to lobby Jones
  • Katie Malchow:         Share some pain points outside of the business community.  A county commissioner has more responsibility than just to the businesses.
  • [end scenario]
  • Bernadine Joselyn:   I thought it only took seven times!!!??!!!
  • Noel Stensrud:           I had really hoped to gather local influencers and concerned citizens into a room to build the energy and engagement.  How will we do that if we cannot meet in person if people are afraid to get together?
  • Bill Coleman:             Hi Noel, great question.  Old fashioned phone calling.  Zoom meetings with smaller groups. Hopefully small groups soon!

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