Setting the Vision: Blandin Broadband Leadership Webinar Archive

Thanks to the presenters and attendees for joining the latest Blandin Broadband Leadership Webinar: Setting the Vision. Here we have the description, video archive, slides when available and chat transcript (get handouts discussed in the session here)…

The second of ten webinars over the next five weeks is April 2 at 9 a.m. CDT.  Join Bernadine Joselyn, Blandin’s Director of Public Policy and Engagement, Rich Sve, Lake County Commissioner, Mark Erickson, citizen volunteer from south central Minnesota and Betsy Olivanti from Minnesota’s Iron Range as they share their expertise in helping to create and spread a shared broadband vision in their area.

And chat that happened during the session

00:38:44              Swan Ray: Is the recording from last session available?

00:40:45              Bill Coleman: The recording is available.  Just click on the link next to the webinar 1 description

00:41:05              Jake Soenneker:

00:42:33              Bill Coleman: Thanks Jake!

00:43:58              Bill Coleman: Setting a bar high inspiration

00:44:16              Brenda Nyberg: It makes your efforts more formal

00:44:39              Katie Malchow: To stay on track as new ideas come up, it’s nice to have a “sticky wall” that you can throw ideas up against.

00:46:43              Briana Mumme: How applicable to today’s current condition.

00:54:00              Bill Coleman: very true Brianna!

01:00:56              Ann Treacy: you can find worksheet links here

01:02:08              Swan Ray: I am coming from a statewide organization, so not a community – so broadband everywhere.

01:02:45              Bill Coleman: Thanks for joining Swan Ray!

01:03:28              Swan Ray: Thanks, Bill! Looking forward to engaging in this work more directly into the future.

01:06:08              Mary Magnuson: Thanks, Ann!

01:28:35              Bill Coleman: Mark used the acronym ILEC – That is your local traditional phone company – CenturyLink or Frontier.  Incumbent Local Exchange Company

01:31:22              Katie Malchow: Thanks Bill!  I was wondering…

01:32:47              Bill Coleman: Hi everyone.  Looks like we are going into overtime.  Betsy has a great story to tell!

01:36:24              Bill Coleman: If you participate throughout this webinar series, you will be as informed as Betsy!

01:39:53              Jake Soenneker: Thanks everyone – great insight from the speakers!

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