Webinar Archive: Broadband and Education in the Time of Coronavirus

Thanks to the presenters and attendees of today’s webinar on what we’re doing in Minnesota to set up families and students to be successful during the coronavirus slow down. Here’s the description and links to speakers:

Schools are going online. Are your students prepared? Are your schools prepared? How can schools create digital equity quickly while planning for the future? In this webinar, we’ll talk about access to devices, making broadband affordable, and plans to extend broadband in the short and long term with an eye toward what you can do now and what you should be thinking about moving forward.


And finally the live chat during the session:

March 26, 2020 Chat Log:

  • 09:59:33              From Mary Magnuson: Welcome! Thanks for joining us today. Please use the chat box to ask any non-time-sensitive questions.
  • 10:01:19              From Bill Coleman: Hello everyone!
  • 10:12:49              From Mary Magnuson: findpcs.com will take you to https://pcsrefurbished.com/sales/salesHome.aspx
  • 10:14:33              From matthewsonn: Is the service just for school aged students?
  • 10:17:30              From matthewsonn: Thank you
  • 10:17:38              From Bernadine Joselyn:  is PCfP partnering directly with school districts?
  • 10:20:27              From Mary Lucic: mlucic@pcsforpeople.org
  • 10:20:33              From Mary Lucic: Cell phone: 952-270-0148
  • 10:27:25              From Barbara: any idea what the capacity is for parking lot use?  10 cars?  20 cars?
  • 10:28:26              From Mary Magnuson: https://blandinonbroadband.org/
  • 10:36:18              From Mary Magnuson: RAMS = Range Association of Municipalities and Schools
  • 10:46:55              From Bernadine Joselyn: Is the MN Rural Broadband Coalition still advocating that additional $ for state’s broadband fund should be part of MN’s corona virus response?
  • 10:51:18              From Brenda Nyberg: It seems crazy to me that broadband funding wouldn’t be included in the budget especially when the State is relying on everyone being connected now more than ever!
  • 10:59:38              From Bernadine Joselyn: thanks everyone for joining us this morning.  Great job Mary and Ann.
  • 10:59:47              From Bernadine Joselyn: and thanks to all our presenters.
  • 11:00:10              From Brenda Nyberg: Thank you all for the great information!
  • 11:00:48              From Barbara: who should be invited to the webinars
  • 11:00:58              From Bernadine Joselyn: open to all!

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