UofM Extension finds ways to make distancing fun and/or productive

All U of M Extension staff members across the state are being asked to work at home. (They are finding that some have an easier time with better broadband than others.) But leave it to these guys to make the most of the opportunity.

I wanted to share their recent newsletter, written by Extension Educator Angela Gupta; highlights ways Minnesotans can take a few cleansing moments of fresh Spring area and resources for exploring our outdoors to revive and refresh ourselves.

Here are some of the highlights…

Social Distancing in Nature
You’re trying to do the right thing and maintain an appropriate social distance. Check out these nature based activities for within your home and yard.

The Two for You
Stress Series brings you tangible practices you can do today to improve your wellbeing. Each video also includes resources and research links.

OK this is my favorite so I’m going to include a few videos..

And something for kids…

Youth Project Ideas
Check out the many resources and lessons available through 4-H for your youngsters who are home right now.


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