FCC is working on revised broadband mapping – MN is pilot state

BroadbandBreakfast reports…

Andy Spurgeon, chief of Operations at NTIA’s “BroadbandUSA” brand, discussed how NTIA’s revived mapping efforts will work.

He emphasized leveraging FCC data that already exists. His team was specifically “asked not to duplicate the results of the FCC,” referring to the roundly-criticized Form 477 Data that overreports the number of Americans with access to broadband.

What sets apart NTIA’s National Broadband Availability Map apart from other government broadband maps is that NBAM comprises technology that actually makes maps, he said, as opposed to existing as a digital data heap.

NTIA will pursue in its mapping strategy through pilot states that form representative models. States such as Minnesota, Utah, and California provide NBAM with the data it needs to refine the FCC’s Form 477 Data.

The BroadbandUSA Team has had one year to implement its work since it was funded with $8 million in 2019.

Andy Spurgeon presented at the MN Broadband conference last fall (Oct 2019):

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Librarian who follows rural broadband in MN and good uses of new technology (blandinonbroadband.org), hosts a radio show on MN music (mostlyminnesota.com), supports people experiencing homelessness in Minnesota (elimstrongtowershelters.org) and helps with social justice issues through Women’s March MN.

2 thoughts on “FCC is working on revised broadband mapping – MN is pilot state

  1. Hi Tracy,
    I have a friend who lives alone and is very low income and also has severe knee and hip problems that make it difficult to get around. She has to drive 15 miles to get to the Grand Rapids library to access internet. Getting in and out of her car is becoming increasingly difficult. She lives alone and is very computer savvy. Are you aware of any programs that could help this individual? I checked with PaulBunyan and they could bring service to her when circumstances allow.


    • Pete – what is the closest public library? Some of the libraries on the Iron Range have hotpots to check out. We can check them out – although many are shut right now. This map isn’t working for me tonight – but you could try it and check an address: map.connectmn.org – and I’ll keep thinking. Thx! Ann

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