Winona Engage creates online space for local community and info

Happy Freedom of Information Day! One way to celebrate, take a page out of Winona Engage’s book and create a Facebook page for your community. It’s one way broadband can help remove barriers of distance and quarantine for those with adequate broadband…

Engage Winona is hard at work on a new project: Connecting the community amid the COVID-19 situation.
We’ve created a Facebook group, Winona COVID-19 Community Info Hub, that in less than 48 hours has grown to more than 3,000 people. Group members share accurate, up-to-date information on health, schools, businesses, events, and more; debunk misinformation; direct people to stores and resources in real time; and more.
We created a second group, Neighbors Helping Neighbors, where more than 550 (and growing!) individuals are connecting – those with needs, ranging from transportation to food to chores, are being directly connected to folks to meet those needs.
You don’t need a Facebook account to view these groups – just click the links!

I know that my neighborhood and several friend groups or hobbies have Facebook pages and, especially this week, I am grateful as much for camaraderie as information. I can’t imagine being in an area where my access was limited. I imagine even some areas that thought they were OK are feeling the bandwidth pinch as suddenly kids are home from school, people have to work from home and it turns 25/3 access may not accommodate a whole family living online the way we are likely to be doing for at least a few weeks.

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