Fiber to the farm means food to the people in St Louis County

It’s great to hear about a family that is really thriving in a rural area thanks to fiber. And I love it even more when it helps make the case that fiber to the farm makes a difference to quality life. And in this story, that quality of life is rippling to the neighbors and beyond.

“We love our farm and our customers. We have a wonderful life!” Wycoff Family.

Shannon and Mary Ann Wycoff and their three grown children have a family farm called  Bear Creek Acres. It something they started to provide for themselves but people kept asking if they’d be willing to sell what they were raising. They sell beef, pork (in bulk – picture buying half a hog and in individual packages) and eggs. They sell to both individuals and through Natural Harvest Food Co-Op, Trapline C-Store, -Moose Bear Wolf and local Farmer’s Markets. They are members of Minnesota Grown since 2008.

If you have never purchased directly from the farmer, they will walk you through the process. It’s ironic to see how technology is allowing people to go old school – to buy directly from the farmer who uses no antibiotics, no hormone and no animal byproduct.

Fiber to the farm helps them promote their products but it also helps them work from home. Shannon works at Northshore Mining but Mary Ann works at BCBS MN from home via a fiber-to-the-premise connection.

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