Becky Lourey speaks to Frontier service at PUC meeting in McGregor

I wanted to share the notes from Becky Lourey’s comments at a recent PUC meeting on Frontier Communications…

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Public Hearing for Frontier Communications Customers, McGregor, MN


Dear Frontier,

My name is Becky Lourey and I am your customer.  You serve my business, Nemadji Research Corporation (a high-tech company with 55 employees), my home and the building where I write.

I am committed to creating jobs here in Northern Pine County.

As a result, I am honored to serve on the Rural Broadband Coalition.  I am certain that both you and I believe that fiber to the home, hospital, school, etc is absolutely important to build our rural economy.

The Coalition is asking our Legislature for public funding because we know that a share-holder owned company cannot make the profits that its share-holders expect if that company tries to place fiber in sparsely populated areas.  That was why the federal government back in the day created the REA.

I am here today asking you to support our efforts – to join in.  With your help and our understanding of the reason why you have been opposing our efforts, I believe we can move forward together to connect the areas that you cannot afford to connect with fiber.

I understand you and Century Link have not been supportive of Blandin’s support for our efforts.  Blandin is not picking winners and losers, rather, Blandin is helping us work together as we try to figure out how we achieve a state that is totally connected with fiber, with wireless and satellite adding to the mix.  It seems to us that you are challenging others who might come in to provide access where you can’t afford to provide access and by doing that it feels like you are picking winners and losers.

When opponents say to me that residents living in small towns, sparsely populated rural communities, farming communities, forest communities, etc. should accept inadequate and intermittent connection, I say that back in the day we all had radio, access to electricity (granted paying for our entrance from the main line), to telephones and that in today’s world, access to fiber is the equivalent to yesterday.


Becky Lourey

51752 Oak Leaf Road

Kerrick, MN 55756

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