MN Farmfest Gubernatorial, US Senate and Congressional Candidate forums – all include questions on broadband

I had a great time attending Farmfest today. I attended to watch the Gubernatorial debate. There was one question on infrastructure:


All five candidates were there: Tim Walz, Tim Pawlenty, Lori Swanson, Jeff Johnson and Erin Murphy. Two candidates took the opportunity to specifically talk about rural broadband. Lori Swanson likened broadband to electricity and said that we need to invest in it. Erin Murphy mentioned her plan to use the newly approved online sales tax to invest in broadband; that will be $100 million or more a year.

I thought folks might also be interested in the question plans to make MN stronger.

I watched the U.S. Senate and Congressional Candidate forums from the comfort of my own home.

You can see the entire Senate Forum on the Farmfest site. There was one question on broadband and everyone said it was important to rural areas. People talked about it as a utility, expressed a need at more and faster broadband and talked about the need to continue public and private investment. Here’s that portion of the forum:

You can also see the Congressional Forum online. That forum included: Collin Peterson, Dave Hughes, Tom Emmer, Ian Todd, Angie Craig, Carla Nelson, Jim Hagedorn and Dan Feehan. (Jason Lewis had a conflict).

They also had one question broadband – and those asked felt that broadband was important for rural areas.

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