Ely business broadband survey – selling is top benefit now

Recently we heard from Ely about their participation in the IRBC program. Incredible Ely mentioned their business broadband survey. Incredible Ely works with local entrepreneurs – and as they work they will be tracking progress with future survey. Pam was kind enough to share the results – with a generous offer to talk with anyone about their program (pam@incredibleely.org).

I’m excited to share the results today. This is a baseline survey. They spoke with 60 local businesses and asked them basic questions about their business and broadband use. It’s interesting to see how local businesses are currently using the internet.

As you can see – top “most important use” is selling.

They also asked what businesses could do differently with quality internet. Here’s an abridged list (I removed suggestions that were similar):

  • Could research things faster
  • Develop an online retail presence
  • Greater internet efficiency = greater profits
  • Internet would be faster at work and at home
  • Develop website – advertise store products
  • It would give us the ability to increase online applications and fishing/camping trips
  • It will benefit our business if our individual clients have broadband. This will increase their ability to contact us because their outages will be decreased and they will have greater bandwidth to enable them to utilize some of our company’s services
  • Selling online retail (both in and outside the Ely area), now only sell wholesale
  • Could increase business by being able to get back to customers on a timely basis – Frontier goes down
  • Paying for only one internet service would be nice, now we have two services in case one goes down
  • We would have reliable music through the internet for customers
  • Not known at this point, too new
  • It would help with access to ATM
  • If we had better internet we would look at our marketing differently, internet speed impacts how we market
  • Internet reliability is important. If the internet is down we can’t check-in guests


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