MN response to online privacy? Local provider protects their customers

Congress recently moved to overturn online privacy protections. Earlier today I reported on what the public sector was doing. (Working on Sate protections.) The private sector is stepping up too…

Paul Bunyan Communications Will Not Sell Customer Web Browsing History

(Bemidji, MN) (March 30, 2017) – Recently new federal legislation was passed that allows Internet Service Providers to sell their customers’ web browsing history.  Paul Bunyan Communications wants to reassure its members that no matter what the law allows they do not collect and sell member’s web browsing history.

“Our members’ privacy is of the utmost importance to our member-owned and governed cooperative.  We have never sold member web browsing history and have no plans to do so in the future regardless of what the rules and regulations may allow,” said Gary Johnson, Paul Bunyan Communications CEO/General Manager.

“As you might imagine we are getting calls from concerned customers and members of our cooperative as the news of this new legislation spreads.  We feel it is extremely important to reassure our customers that our cooperative will not sell their web browsing history.  It’s your cooperative and your data, period.  Any provider who sells their customers’ web browsing history without their consent is putting profits ahead of the trust of its customers and we believe that flies in the face of common decency, customer privacy, and certainly our cooperative values and principles,” added Johnson.

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2 thoughts on “MN response to online privacy? Local provider protects their customers

  1. They could be lying. we have no way to know for sure. I am still going to get a privacy services like tor and purevpn. I can’t trust them when they say they are not gonna view my activity

  2. I don’t think they are – or clearly I wouldn’t post their info. (Even on April 1!) But protesting yourself is always a good idea. I posted some info on how the other day:

    Companies such as Google and Facebook (info services) do not have to adhere to privacy protection rules – but with most services, you can turn on some privacy controls:
    For Google:
    For Facebook:

    But in the end it’s up to those services to protect you. In Minnesota, Policymakers recently moved to make it a regulation –

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