Blandin Webinar Archive: Spurring small business use of technology

Thanks to everyone who joined the webinar yesterday. Below are the slides, recording and description…

Spurring small business use of technology
Thursday, March 10, 2016 03:00 PM

Just because broadband is available does not mean that small businesses will make effective use of it as a tool for management, marketing and sales. This webinar will showcase three approaches to increasing the value that businesses can receive when they make good use of available broadband services.

Michael Curri of Strategic Network Group will showcase the SNG tool set that community clients use to increase the economic vitality of their local business community. SNG provides an in-depth assessment, a business scorecard and online toolkit for helping businesses anticipate and gain increased sales and profits from better technology use.

Mark Zimmerman of Itasca Economic Development Corporation will discuss the range of activities happening in Itasca County, including Google Place promotion, business assessment and counseling, Social Media Breakfasts and IT networking groups.

Ross Wagner of Aitkin County will talk about the process and results of the focused one-on-one business site visits and counseling by an IT consultant that is working successfully in Aitkin County.

Join us for an informative hour about how you can help your own business community make better use of available broadband services.

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