Gigabit Minnesota expands Fiber Network to 250+ New Homes in Rosemount

Good news for folks in Rosemount…

Gigabit Minnesota expands Fiber Network to 250+ New Homes in Rosemount

(Rosemount, MN) (October 26, 2015) – Gigabit Minnesota is making good on a Vision for bringing Fiber Internet Services to Rosemount first stated in 2000. Gigabit Minnesota is the new owner of FTTH Communications, the former subsidiary of the development company who developed the Evermoor community in Rosemount. In 2000, FTTH promised Fiber to the Home to the residents of Evermoor and the rest of the community of Rosemount. After three owners and 15 years, Gigabit Minnesota is delivering on this promise.

Gigabit Minnesota purchased the former FTTH Communications in July of 2104 and is expanding the fiber services to the first new areas of Rosemount in over 6 years. Jim Hickle, President of Gigabit Minnesota and its Parent Company Velocity Telephone Inc., is a 22+ year resident of Rosemount and is on a mission to bring Fiber to his home town. I have had poor Internet service since I have lived here and I have heard all the reasons why, “I don’t need faster Internet” from my current providers, said Jim Hickle, and I think it is time I had the option for the speed I need to live and work from my home.
When we acquired FTTH, we first had to fix and replace the equipment and services that had been neglected throughout the previous three owners. The base fiber infrastructure was in place, but the equipment was from the time when FTTH was in its infancy and it was failing to provide the services and speed necessary in today’s Internet dependent world. We have started replacing this “old” equipment with Gigabit capable equipment and are now offering the fastest, most reliable Internet in Rosemount to the original Evermoor areas and now to even more areas of Rosemount.

The new areas include the new housing developments of Falmoor Glen, Prestwick and Greystone in eastern Rosemount. This is the largest expansion of the Fiber network in Rosemount since the original developer started FTTH in 2000. This is step 1 in our goal to bring fiber to Rosemount. As a small Minnesota owned and self funded communications company we do not have access to the government subsidies and legacy customer bases who are overpaying for the mediocre services that my competitors do. We build services with money out of our own pockets and we build it for the people who want our service and support our organization because we provide the services they need and give them the personal customer support they deserve.

There are several neighborhoods in Rosemount that the “promise” of Fiber to the Home was started, but never finished that are our next focus. These areas include Harmony Village and Bloomfield. The only thing we need to start these areas is a grass roots desire from these neighborhoods. Building new homes is less expensive than building homes with beautiful landscaping, sidewalks and driveways already in place, and to build fiber we need a take rate capable of paying back our investment. There are many studies that state that a fiber connected home is worth more than a home not connected by fiber and the increased home value is equivalent to adding a fireplace to the home or over $5000/home.

Gigabit Minnesota service options include Broadband Internet speeds of up to 1000 Mbps – a Gig service and customers can add IPTV and phone service over the same reliable connection. Gigabit Minnesota currently connects over 1500 homes in Rosemount and plans to add another 1000 homes by completing the Harmony Village and Bloomfield developments. Gigabit Minnesota provides Broadband High Speed Internet Services, digital and high definition television services, digital voice services, and more.
For Gigabit Fiber services call 651-888-4GIG or check out our website at or email Jim at

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