Job Posting in St Paul: E-Learning for Better Jobs Coordinator

This job just looked too good not to share…

The Saint Paul Public Library (SPPL) seeks a half time coordinator for an E-Learning for Better Jobs Initiative. The E-Learning for Better Jobs Initiative, a joint project of the Library and the Saint Paul Community Literacy Consortium (SPCLC), is grant-funded for one year through spring, 2016.
The E-Learning for Better Jobs Initiative seeks to increase workforce skills and access to good jobs by supporting adults and youth pursuing on-line learning and job-related certifications. The Initiative will target lower skilled adults and youth seeking pathways to post-secondary and career success, higher paying jobs, and entrepreneurial opportunities.
The goals of the Initiative are to:
  • Expand the workforce education and training options available in the community at public libraries and community-based literacy organizations.
  • Connect with micro- and small-business entrepreneurs who seek to improve their skills.
  • Strengthen the cross-system connection in Saint Paul among organizations tackling unemployment, low literacy, and low educational attainment among disconnected youth and lower-skilled, lower-income adults and parents.

The Initiative will experiment with Metrix Learning, an e-training and learning platform that integrates information on the local job market, job pathways, on-line learning, and industry recognized certifications.

Metrix Learning makes available information about current openings and trends in a given community, leading users toward actual opportunities. Learners identify jobs of interest, discover the pathway and competencies required for that job, and take courses and earn certificates where appropriate. Participants manage the learning at their own pace.
A part time coordinator will help design and organize the Initiative with adult basic education providers, organizations helping job seekers and entrepreneurs, and certain SPPL community libraries. The coordinator will develop a program that mixes opportunities for learners comfortable with distance learning and learners who need more in-person support.


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