Blandin Foundation awards grant to Employment Enterprises, Inc. to improve access to online job training

I’m going to apologize in advance for a large number of posts this afternoon. The Blandin Foundation has just announced a round of broadband grant awards and I want to post each award individually so that it’s easier to access in the archive and so that each community will have its own post to promote. Thanks!

Blandin Foundation awards grant to Employment Enterprises, Inc. to improve access to online job training

GRAND RAPIDS, Minn (August 4, 2014) – Blandin Foundation announced today that it has awarded six grants totaling $123,190 that assist rural Minnesota communities in advancing high-speed Internet access and use in their communities, including a grant in the Little Falls area.

Employment Enterprises, Inc. will purchase four laptops and six iPads to provide access to online job training for persons with disabilities and mental illness, with support of a $4,790 Blandin Foundation grant.

“We are thrilled at the opportunities that this support will bring to individuals seeking employment in our community,” said Pam Baltes, program director at Employment Enterprises. “The online program addresses career search, interview skills, resumes and much more. We will offer assistance to those who participate to complete the courses and move on to find jobs in the community.”

Employment Enterprises, Inc. will hold an open house with a light meal on September 30th, 2014 from 4:00 to 5:30 for potential job seekers with barriers to employment. A demonstration of the online learning opportunity will be provided and individuals can register at that time. The program is free to those who sign up that night.   For more information, contact Pamela Baltes at (320) 632-9251 or

“Rural leaders know that connected communities are vibrant communities,” said Dr. Kathleen Annette, CEO of Blandin Foundation. “We are delighted to see Employment Enterprises, Inc. creating opportunity for access to – and use of – high-speed Internet so critical to work and life today.”

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