MVTV Wireless continues to expand coverage in Southwest and Central Minnesota

Wanted to share this press release from MVTV Wireless

MVTV Wireless is continuing to expand and strengthen its stance as a leader in rural broadband service, something it has been doing for nearly 15 years.

Indeed, the company is not resting on its laurels. It continues to grow and expand to the point that it now provides Internet access to its customers over 20,000 square miles in rural Southwest and Central Minnesota.

Providing reliable and affordable high- speed Internet service to areas that are otherwise unable to receive it is a key to MVTV Wireless’s success. To that end, the rural broadband service provider continues to increase its capacity so that it can provide speeds necessary to sup- port today’s bandwidth demanding tools and apps, including eCommerce, home office workers, Facetime and Skype, Netflix, online learning and eHealth.

Also, MVTV Wireless is working closely with Governor Mark Dayton’s broadband task force to help educate legislative decision- makers on what’s involved in bringing broadband to rural Minnesota.

That’s the kind of proactive approach MVTV Wireless wants to make for its rural customers throughout Minnesota.

In fact, you could say that the Internet company has become a “voice of leadership” in the rural communities it serves.

“We are positioning ourselves as more than just an Internet Service Provider. We are a community advocate. As a not- for-profit, member-owned co-op, we provide more than just Internet service. We are a community advocate in Southwest and Central Minnesota,” explains Julie Foote, customer service/market development representative for MVTV Wireless.

Additionally, MVTV’s family continues to grow. The company has added several customer service representatives and technicians. Those technicians live within various corners of MVTV’s more than 20,000-square-mile coverage footprint.

“This helps us to be proactive as well as quickly reactive,” Foote notes.

One other aspect of MVTV Wireless is its commitment to community vitality. It continues to support and facilitate several Social Media Breakfast clubs in locations throughout Southwest Minnesota.

The company also offers its expertise as a recourse to statewide broadband adoption efforts lead by University of Minnesota Extension and The Blandin Foundation, entities that are well-known in Greater Minnesota.

And, on top of all that, MVTV Wireless continues to serve its customers in one very important way — customer service.

“If you’re having problems that are computer-related, you can go to our website and find a list of trusted businesses and local technicians within all of our communities,” Foote adds.

She also notes that those technicians are doing guest blogs on their website.

And Foote reminds readers that MVTV Wireless is one of 29,000 non- profit, member-owned cooperatives nationwide. Co-ops are founded on their values and needs, community commitment and interaction and, perhaps most importantly, people helping people. And that’s what MVTV Wireless strives to do everyday for the members it serves.

For more information about MVTV, call (320) 564-4807 or visit

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