Free broadband webinars on Wednesdays

The Blandin Foundation has been hosting webinars on Wednesdays as a lead up to the Fall Broadband Conference – Policy & Progress: Border to Border Broadband. The first week we heard from JoAnne Johnson on Critical Broadband Policy Issues. Last week we heard from LightSquared’s Geoff Stearn and Bob Bass from AT&T talk about wireless: Mobile Broadband – Is it enough? (Both presentations are archived and can be accesses through the links provided.)

This week we will be hearing from Bill Coleman on Public-Private Partnerships in Broadband. I’ve seen a preview of Bill’s presentation. I think the session will be particularly good for community leaders who are looking at their options for better broadband or industry leaders who are looking for ways to expand their offerings or coverage.

Here are the quick details on this week’s free webinar:

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