Foley school promotes broadband

benton_schoolThanks to Nancy Hoffman, the Benton County Economic Development Director for the heads up on a great program in the local school. The Benton Broadband committee felt in order to get broadband to areas that do not have it, they should create demand. The Foley Superintendent and the Benton Telephone Cooperative decided to offer families a rebate if they would use their services. Below is a excerpt from the letter that went out to students’ families:

Learning has never stopped at the schoolhouse door at 3 pm and that is truer now than ever before with the on-line resources for your children and family available at your fingertips through Foley’s web page at

But with dial up, you can be drumming your fingers waiting for these resources to appear on your computer screen. That is why Benton Cooperative Telephone has teamed up with Foley Schools to help your family enter the on-line world of broadband access. Benton Cooperative Telephone will rebate you up to $25 if you sign up for broadband access and your student(s) participate in an activity at Foley Public Schools including our Food Service Program. To claim the rebate, submit the coupon on page 8 with your receipt from Foley Public Schools which indicates you have paid an activity or food service fee.

I love this idea. It will be interesting to see how successful the plan is – but I know in our house a good way to effect change is with a letter from the school. Also, it’s a plan that would be easy to replicate in other areas – in case there are readers out there who are interested in boosting broadband demand in their areas.

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