2008 Blandin Broadband Conference: Listening Session

This is the continuation of the previous blog post on the Blandin Broadband Conference Intro to the Ultra High-Speed Broadband Task Force. This post covers the listening portion of the meeting.

The video isn’t the highest quality; you’ll want to be in a quiet room to hear everything. (Loads of people asked about my video camera though so I wanted to add that I use a Flip Video. Mine is old – but it’s $130, it fits in my pocket and it is super easy to shoot and upload video.)

In the spirit of a listening session I’m going to post the video asis with few notes:

First is Christopher Mitchell of Institute for Local Self Reliance:

Mike O’Connor asks Chris a question and he answers:

Dawn Hegland from Upper MN Valley Regional Commission

Rick King talks about educating legislators (the audio is very quiet here)

Paavo Pyykkonen from NorthStar Access

Steve Kelley talks about competition

Pam Lehmann from Lac qui Parle County Economic Development Authority

Brent Christenson talks about redirecting (very quiet)

Mike O’Connor invites written comments content support for proposal. In fact his Broadband Task Force blog is a great place to post and send info.

Jerel Nelson from the City of Staples

Cathy Shuman from Monticello and Nancy Hoffman from Benton County

Wrap up by Rick King

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