Blandin in Grand Marais

Community impact from the work we do is sometimes hard to see, and often even harder to measure. That said, it was a special pleasure to find in my email inbox this morning a message from Mary Kosak, a member of Blandin Foundation’s grant’s team, describing how the Broadband work we’ve been doing in Grand Marais “showed up” for her in unexpected ways during a recent site visit there.

Here’s the scoop, in Mary’s own words:

I traveled to Grand Marais yesterday to do a site visit for a potential grantee – Cook County Higher Education. They are an innovative, unique non-profit organization created in 1996 to serve the higher education needs of a rural-remote community. As the Director and Board Member explained to me, “We tried for umpteen years to get a community college here but just didn’t have the resources to support it – Cook County Higher Education (CCHE) was the answer to the expressed need.” CCHE collaborates with area colleges and universities, using a blend of technology and area professionals, to bring high quality degree and certificate programs to this community. I could go on and on about this wonderful program, but my point in writing today was to share all the terrific things they had to say about Blandin’s broadband efforts and the positive difference it’s making for their community. Director Paula Sundet explained what a difference it made to the community to have the high speed internet capabilities. She went on to list all of the agencies, organizations and groups that have benefitted from being a broadband community. Plus, due to the beauty of the area they have attracted many professionals can do their jobs from a distance thanks to the community’s robust connectivity.

1 thought on “Blandin in Grand Marais

  1. The Grand Marais/Cook County folks have had a long term effort to bring Internet and now broadband to the area. They have had a determined leadership group and have implemented ongoing and dynamic strategies, always based on collaboration and sharing.

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